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A woman, minority, service-disabled, veteran-owned company, we are originators and innovators of all-natural, ultra-premium spirits for health-conscious consumers.

Sukari Spirits' vodka is a hybrid spirit that offers consumers a handcrafted, domestically produced, ready-to-drink vodka cocktail of the highest quality. It consists of all-natural fruit flavors and vegetable juices for color with no preservatives or otherwise unnatural ingredients.

It is the ultra-premium vodka quality that makes Sukari super fruits blend taste great straight, on the rocks or mixed.


Sukari Spirits is a brand that has character and a bold personality.

Sukari takes our fruit infused vodka to another level. Distilled six times, filtered six times and pasteurized, our expert infusion and filtering method results in a gorgeous gemstone colored, full bodied, ultra-premium spirit with lush fruit flavors and a lively aroma that result in the perfect super fruit infused vodka experience.

"Exceptionally smooth, crisp and all natural with a sexy, bold personality."

- R. Brown -

Tonight's drink menu

Sukari Vodka (750ml)

Sukari Spirits is an exceptionally perfect drink that invigorates the senses with its exotic super fruit blend.

Its distinct alcohol strength of 25% ABV (50 proof) combines the aromatic depth of the fruit flavors, vegetable juices for color and the versatility of the liquor to create the power and energy of a health-conscious spirit.


"The remarkable thing about Sukari is the beginning, middle and the end can be interpreted in numerous ways due to the combination of the fruits contained in it."

- F. Labbé

Sukari goes one step further with the creation of our NEW Peach Whiskey Sour.

A ready-to-drink cocktail with a vibrant peach and citrus flavor that tantilizes the taste buds. Deliciously subtle with a very surprising kick.

**Our 4 pack is the equivalent of almost two 750ml bottles**

"The peach whiskey sour doesn't punch as hard as I expected, and I love that. It was a bit softer on the pallet than the vodka. Both mixed together was perfect!"

- K. Jackson -

peach whiskey sour cocktail.jpg

Sukari Peach Whiskey Sour (355ml) - 4 pack

A peach infused rye whiskey blended with a homemade lemon and crisp apple sour mix that has a distinct alcohol strength of 12.5% ABV (25 proof).

peach whiskey sour cans (5).jpg
What some of our customers say about their 'Sukari Experience'
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